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Make special  animated gifs with Wix

Plant one of my animations on top of a photo using Wix

It is possible to overlay one of my transparent background animations onto a photo and also add text to one of template animations like the Teddy sitting on a sign with text of your choosing. Particularly easy if you use WIX website builder

Teddy palying guitar animated gif

This text has been

added as a
paragraph using WIX
website builder

Animated snow with transparent background
coral background image
Animated clown fish, 3D animated gif
Yellow rose
Animated bee, 3D gif animation
Animted lady bug, 3D gif animation
Blue flower
animated butterfly gif
Wix animation
Animated wix
Animated wix gif

The Teddy Bear letters that make up this Wix animation have been placed individually into a box in the Wix website builder and the whole Teddy Bear Alphabet can be found here

Yellow flower
peacock butterfly gif animation

Make stunning personalised animations using Wix website builder

To download the Lady bug, bee, clown fish or snow just right click and download to your computer, the backgrounds will remain here. Any of the animations that have a transparent background that are on my website can be used in this way and the animated butterflies and the insects have been put to good use in this way. You can actually resize them and swivel into any position you like using the editor's tools


I have built this website to showcase some of my 3D animated gifs and I am so impressed how easy it is to arrange and organise everything with Wix website builder. I'm an Artist and certainly not a website designer but I feel that Wix has let me display my work without any knowledge of HTML or coding of any sort. Large animations like the clown fish above can be a very big file size but by planting the fish animation onto a single photo background can reduce the download time. Being able to change the backgrounds and planting one of my animations on top gives a wide variety of options.

I also have a collection of blank templates that are animations with a convenient space to place some text, the Teddy bear playing his guitar is an example, It was so easy to place the text with WIX although you could make it as one animated gif by adding the text in an image editing program which can be a lot harder

To add text to one of my templates in WIx you need to add a box to your page, customise it and change design to suit. go to your Media site files and upload the template animation like the teddy bear or monkey with bananas you have downloaded from this site and then add it your page, arrange it in your box as required and then add text as required on top. With immediate response to text size and positioning it makes life so easy.

To make animations like the snow or the rose you need to follow the same procedure by adding a box and adding a photo first and the placing one of my animations on top. If you are using the snow animation you will need to "un-click" the keep proportions in the setting for that animation and size it so it fits exactly over the background photo.

Background images supplied by

This website built using


This is a brand new website and more experimental stuff like this will be added in time and remember any of my animated gifs can be planted on top of images using the same procedure but it is best to do so in a website builder like Wix rather than trying to make one enormous animated gif  in an image editor

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