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3D Insect animated gifs

A few insect gif animations including blue bottles, wasps, spiders, lady bugs, bees, and mosquitoes, all with a transparent background so you can plant them on top of other images

Some of you may not feel comfortable viewing this page

bug hopping overlay gif animation

This is a lively page full of all sorts of creepy crawlies and I have purposely made them with a transparent background so that you can plant them onto a suitable page, a photograph of a cobweb or something similar. If you take a look at this page about overlays it will give you some good ideas on how to use them.

I have had some fun with the little bug skipping about everywhere and have even planted it on top of the text on some web pages and blogs I have created.

The image size in pixels of this collection of spiders, ladybugs, bees, flies, wasps and even mosquitos is not as large as most of my other animated gifs but I thought that keeping them in proportion was the correct option.

I originally made the mosquito animation for a little meme for Marmite. I honestly think that eating Marmite does help to keep mozzies away and a jar of Marmite is always part of my luggage on any of my trips to Cyprus. Even if it does not work I still thoroughly enjoy my Marmite on toast for breakfast, it’s not the sort of thing you will find in any Cypriot restaurant.

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