Feel free to contact me for any reason. I may have the animated gif you require in my collection.

If you want an animation modified that I have displayed on Tenor the best bet is to leave me a message on the FACEBOOK page for 3D animated gifs

If you have arrived here directly don't forget that by clicking the animations tab above you can view some of my freestanding animated gifs that I have used in constructing many of the compositions on display on Tenor etc

Butterfly contact message made from one of my "blanks"

Replies and Requested animations will be posted here

I have had a couple of requests asking if I could send some of my animated gifs as an email attachment. I could but you would still need to download it it your computer and all you have to do here is right click  and save image as to a file on your computer and if you want to add it to an email simply add it as an attachment or insert picture online. If using a smartphone more advice is available here

John contacted me asking if I had any Proud to be Gay animated gifs, so I have posted this one, maybe he had seen my old website where I had an LGBT page. They were tiny and were only suitable for a 56k modem and I have not yet got around to improving many of them but a couple can be found on my Google Tenor page. I particularily like the rainbow flag, bright vivid colours help to set off an animated gif and a couple of my Happy Birthday animations on this webite have used the same flag.

Thanks for the kind words Leah, unfortunately I do not take on special commisions that do not use any of the 3D models I have already created. At the moment I am very busy putting together some new and I hope exciting animated gifs for  Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year

Toby Read contacted me and said that he loves sending my animations to his friend and that they can be customised. I have uploaded some animations to Tenor where you can add text online, just search "caption me" and you will find some animations with a space for your own text. I will probably add more animations like this at a later date

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