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Free original 3d animated gifs ready for you to download and use in any of your projects.

Over many years I have made a lot of good original 3D animated gifs 

This is not a random collection of animations from the internet but stuff I have created over a period of about twenty two years. Many of these animations are typically 300 pixels high but once downloaded can be resized smaller, it is possible to use online image editors to do this.

If you are looking for a special 3D animated gif click the contact link and give me some details and I may be able to help you if I have something in my model library.


Constructing new animations is a time consuming exercise so I'm only offering this free service if I have a model I can modify


A good collection of Original 3D gif animations

This website has a collection of gif animations that are truly original, all built in house and nothing scraped from other sites as many collections on the internet are. Have fun and use my work in any way you like including commercial websites but do not add to another online collection as I made these animated gifs and I like to exclusively display them. A link back to this website is always appreciated. If you like my gif animations and would like to help keep the development of this website going I have a PayPal donation button.


My animations are ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations

Most of my animations have a transparent background so they are ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations if you are using a light coloured background. If you want to put them on top of a dark colour page just send me a message and I should be able to optimise the image for you. I can also make the animation bigger with no pixilation occurring.

When and how I started

The website started many years ago, I did not make any 3D moving graphics to start with and only uploaded 3D jpeg images. A couple of American housewives sent an email and said that my work was very nice but why didn't I make some animated gifs from the 3D models that I had made. That was the start of hundreds of little moving images. In the early days they were very crude and did not have a transparent background  but over the years things have improved and I have experimented a great deal and developed some special techniques. My work has a distinctive look about it and has not got the soft edges that are often seen with anything built in 3D Max for example