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Animated Alphabet

Teddy Bear animated letters

Some lively little teddy bears holding and lifting letters of the alphabet (and Numbers) so that you can create words and text of your choice.

Animated Teddy Bear Alphabet

I have made a few animated alphabets but this one turned out to be the most popular. You will need animation editing software to use these; you can download one at a time onto your computer and then place them on a background to make words of your choice. If you do not have the necessary software there are many online image/animation editors where you can upload the animated letters to make up the text you require. If you were searching for animated letters and found these I’m sure many of you could probably show me how to put these letters together and make a better job of it than I would. I always love to see anything that has been created using any of my animated gifs.

It was rather a monotonous job creating each letter individually but the end result worked out quite well and it means you can create some really unusual animated text. I cannot help chuckle at the poor little bear holding the letter” I” I think he could do with a few decent meals to fatten him up, has anyone got some honey they do not want.

I was tempted to make up a few words with this alphabet but I think this page with the full alphabet and numbers list is distracting enough as it is. If you want to use these on a website it is possible to place them individually on the page to make a word and if you are using the Wix website builder as I am here it is easy peasy to place and align letters as required.

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