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List of Animations

Click small animation to be taken to the relevant page.

If you cannot find what you are looking for contact me

I have arranged the animated gifs I have made into categories so that the animation you are looking for should be easy to find.This website will be continuously updated with new animations as I make them and possibly with requested animated gifs. I have created them from several software programs so to start a new animation from scratch is a lot of work but I do have a library of models that I have already built and I can often modify these to make an animation to your requirements.

My apologies go out to all those people who detest animated gifs, some even go as far as writing special codes into their browsers to stop them animating but for as many visitors that hate them many more love to see some movement on their web pages. I suppose you could compare my work to Marmite .... You either love it or hate it.

To use my animated gifs I would recommend downloading to your hard drive or file on a smart phone.
All my work is free with no copyright issues but I do find the occasional glass of ouzo keeps my creative juices running so any donations into my PayPal account will help purchase a bottle or two.  
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