3D Animated Butterfly gifs

A very distracting web page with so many 3D animated butterflies flapping their wings but if you use just one or two on a web page or blog it will have a pleasing effect

Swallowtail Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Marsh Fritallary Butterfly

Catagramma Pitheas

White Butterfly

Limenitis Astyanax

Make sure my 3D animated butterflies do not fly off your page

I have done my best to give these butterfly animations their correct names but considering I have made them all from scratch it is possible that some of these butterflies do not actually exist in real life. Why worry? they are pretty and could be a colourful addition to any blog or web page. They all have a transparent background; hence they are sitting on my light blue web page without too much of an obvious “halo” around their wings.

The LGBT butterfly is one of my favourite animated butterflies, it is colourful and is transparent around the white circle which allows it to be planted on a light coloured page, like the light blue one here and displays very nicely. There is even some room for text of your choice in the bottom left hand corner of the white circle.

The peacock butterflies on the image of the roses is just one example of how my butterfly animations can be planted onto an image of your choice if you have a little knowledge about making animated gifs

People love butterflies and as I have been making them for years you will find my animated butterflies on websites like Best Animations and Giphy but the ones on display are better high resolution versions and should I find anything from this website on another animation collection site apart from Pinterest I will send a notice of copyright infringement. That does not stop you from using them on your blogs, websites, mobile phones, social media and just about everything else.


They would look good planted onto a web page or blog and they are certainly not big in file size so they download very quickly and make an interesting little addition to attract attention to your article. I have used one, all be it a "blank template" version on my contact page.

The butterflies with shadows (The shadow is not transparent) will work best on a white, light grey or blue  background, but a little experimentation with different colours behind them is advisable. They could be used on a dark web page but you will probably find a slight "halo" around the butterfly image.

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