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Add your own caption or text

Animated gifs with a space for you to add text

Thanks to Googles Tenor I have now added a selection of 3D animated gifs ready for you to caption and download. It is very easy just select the gif from this page, click the black "caption" button and follow the instructions, when you have finished you can download the finished animation. The YouTube video below gives more details.


Example of a template with text added

I have left space on these animations for you to add text of your choice. Text can be applied into the plain boxes, over the balloons, on chad’s wall or the monkey’s sign. If you already have image editing software loaded on your computer that deals with animated gifs you will have no problem but I have discovered there are many online image editors that could do this as well.


If you are building a website with Wix for example it would be easy to load one of these animated gifs and add a text box onto the top of it.

Should an online image/animation editor wish to add some of these animations to their library it would be agreeable as long as I get attribution for my work and a link back to this website

As mentioned above, I have now added a selection of gifs to Tenor, ready for you to caption online

Make your own personalised animated gifs

I can imagine some really saucy text being added to the monkeys sign but I would advise caution, this animation has got me into trouble on more than a couple of occasions so be careful who you send it. and do ensure that they have a sense of humour

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