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Smartphone Animations

Use these 3D animated gifs on your smartphones

Although these animations are perfect for using in blogs and websites there is no reason you cannot use them on a mobile phone


The easiest way to use some of my animations on a smartphone is to useTenor, an online GIF search engine and database. Its main product is GIF Keyboard, for iOS, Android and macOS and by downloading it from the official store you can insert my animations (or any in Tenor's massive database) into your messages from my official page

I have designed animations there with mobile use in mind and have used the animated gifs that are on this website by planting them onto a solid image background

Instructions for downloading and using animations on Smartphones

old style black landline telephone animated gif

On Android follow these instructions

Tap and hold one of my animated gifs on this website. A pop-up menu will appear.

Tap Save Image or Download image.

On my Android phone the animation downloads to my photo album

Find the animation and click on the share button which will give you all the options of sharing like Outlook, Facebook and messaging and you can then send one of my animations on.


I know that the instructions work well for android but at the moment I'm really uncertain about the procedure for an iPhone although I'm sure that someone will be able to advise me at some stage but it is worth taking a look at the link below

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