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What  is in the pipeline

This website will always be under construction

I have loads of my original media that can be improved and uploaded

Chad or Kiroy animated gif with message on the wall

In many ways this web site will always be under construction. I have built many animations over the past twenty years and I always tried to keep the file size down. I was one of the early pioneers on the internet when a 56K modem was the norm so the animations I created were normally no more than 100 kb. That does put a big restriction on just what can be displayed. These days with broadband an animated gif of 1 Mb can be easily accommodated on a website blog or on social media. This means that I can go back to the original files I created for these animations, which were a much higher and better resolution and create some bigger and better animations from them. Of course this will always take time but because I’m retired and need to keep myself active mentally this is an ideal opportunity to keep myself  “fit”

Some of my original small animations can be found all over the internet, I have found dozens on Giphy and Best Animations but they are welcome to them as I feel they are inferior to the work that I’m producing now. Should I find any of these new higher resolution animated gifs on any online collection of gifs (apart from Pinterest which has a very responsible attitude to displaying any creative work by allowing you to post attribution to this website) I will send a notice of copyright infringement in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

That does not mean that my creations cannot be used, without fear of copyright infringements as I love to see my work used on websites, blogs. PowerPoint presentations , social media, commercial websites and any projects you may have. As this website is brand new, has very little web presence and may be forever in a quiet little backwater corner of the internet any publicity I receive is gratefully appreciated. A link back to my humble little website and some attribution is always appreciated but is not a necessity.

I love to interact with people on the internet, although I do avoid the scantily clad Asian women who want to befriend me and certainly I'm not interested in some of the male “models” who seem to delight in showing off all their dangly bits so do not be afraid to contact me via my contact form. I'm also available on Pluspora, an alternative social media network to Google+ and have been using a lot of the animations here to create meme type gifs on Giphy and Tenor

The chad (or Kilroy) animation is one that I have made that can be easily modified by using the "blank" template  from my template page and adding text using an online image editor, animation editing software on your computer or even within your online website builder like Wix which I have used to build this site

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