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Free 3D Animated Happy Easter gifs

This has got to be one of the strangest collections of Easter animations ever, It just goes to show that my imagination can run riot but also how some of my 3D models can be used in a most unusual way

Monkey with a big Easter egg

All these Easter animations have a transparent background

If you have ever stayed in Cyprus at Easter time you would appreciate just how much the Greek Cypriots celebrate this time. On Easter Sunday we were walking down a road in Nicosia and the smell of so many barbecues going was fantastic. In fact someone with a little BBQ on the pavement stopped us and gave us a taster. This Easter animations page illustrates some of the recognised aspects of Easter with Easter eggs, Easter chicks,the Easter bunny (In an egg) and of course one of my favourites, the Hot Cross Bun.

I have used a combination of 3D animated models that I have made and kept in my library and combined them with photographs, a technique that I tend to use quite a lot these days.

Celebrate Easter, it is a special time for many people including us and have fun using our animated gifs.

This is a page of animations that can be used on blogs,websites and Powerpoint Presentations although there is no reason you cannot use them to send someone a special Easter Greeting. You can also add your own text message by uploading any animation to an online image editor and modifying the animation that way and if you have your own animation editor loaded on your computer or smartphone it makes life even simpler.

Although some of my Easter animated gifs are frivolous we should, especially if you are a Christian remember the true story of Easter and what actually happened.

Happy Easter....Dave

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