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New Year

New Year animated gifs ... More available on my Giphy page

You don't often see a selection of Happy New Year animated gifs like this, who would think of using Uncle Sam and the animated chocolates and alcohol will certainly help you have a good time

Wish your friends a Happy New Year with my Animated gifs

Over the years I have experimented with different formats and sizes and it seems to me that 300 pixel high animations gives the resolution quality needed without taking up to much bandwidth. You will note that any of my New Year animated gifs that show a blue background do, in fact have a transparent background and will look good on any light coloured web page. You can probably see that I like the occasional tipple as booze bottles tend to end up in many of my animations and what better time than the New Year to indulge in such a pastime.I'm pretty sure that these Happy New Year animations would look good in your blogs, on social networks, websites and you can even send them as a message in an email, using a table top computer or even a smartphone

They are all my original works of art that I have created in Silverscreen modeller, Artlantis and Paint Shop Pro,and in some cases I have used copyright free backgrounds that can be found by searching on the internet

Happy New Year to all my visitors, over the years I have produced many variations of animations on this theme and I'm always trying to improve on them, introduction of broadband made it easier to increase the size of the animated gif but even so, this page may take a little time to download but individually one of these animations does not consume too much bandwith.
Send one of my Happy New Year animations to your friends, they work well when downloaded to a mobile telephone

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