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Christmas animated gifs - click for more on my Giphy page

Santa has got stuck up the chimney and is burning his pants,who is sitting on our chimney? Father Christmas has found a kitten, Nativity scene with candle and Santa is getting pissed

Animated santas sitting on a kitten cube

Wish someone a Merry Christmas with my Animated gifs

These Christmas animated gifs are 300 x 300 pixels, they do not take too long to download but are still of good resolution. They can be reduced in size with one of the many online image editors but the quality will decline if you try to enlarge them. I have had a couple of complaints about letting my Father Christmas misbehave but it is probably something that comes with old age (with both the author and Santa)

These animations display very nicely on a mobile phone and instructions for downloading and sending them in messages or to social networks can be found here
If you are looking for a transparent snow effect gif animation to plant over an image using an online photo editor you can find one on this page although the instructions are really for anyone using the WIX editor but by just downloading the snow animation you can then plant it onto a photo of your choice.

I have also made an animation of boozy Santa sitting on a sign where you can add text of your choice using an animation editor  which you can send to any of your friends

I do have a few more Merry Christmas animated gifs, I had made loads of small ones that were suitable for a 56K modem and not up to the quality of the ones presented here but if I go back to the source files I can make a larger better quality versions. By this time next year there should be a better selection of animations but If you are looking for that special animation do not be afraid to contact me.


Have a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa does not poop down your chimney

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