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I have made a few models for Sketchup 

Over the years I have been pretty active creating 3D models and one of the things I did was to create a collection for the 3D Warehouse at Trimble.They have a wonderful library of models and they are all free.


Sketchup models that can be seen from any angle


This is a program that you download and you can make your own 3D models or use my free Sketchup models in any of your 3D drawing projects.

It is a great 3D CAD software program that has thousands of ready made models

I have uploaded doors windows tables, chairs, interior furniture, staircases, fish and many more constructed from models that have also been used to make animations on this website. I like to think that my timber models of doors, windows and kitchen cabinets are technically correct as I used to be a joiner.

The Spitfire fighter aircraft animation is just another example of a Sketchup model I have made. The Sketchup program is really worth downloading and I have had hours of fun with it. I think that the ability to make a very simple low resolution 3D model and then to be able to render it with a photograph to give it a really startling lifelike appearance is a feather in the cap of the developers who put this software together and it is still being updated.

One of my models, a simple door had over 1,000,000 download last time I looked , maybe because it has been constructed properly but the amount of downloads really surprises me. Another one is a 3D model of an acorn with his head popping out of a toilet which has had 46,000 downloads, why anyone would want such a daft model is completely beyond me but maybe 3d modelling attracts strange people.

My user name in the Trimble Sketchup 3D Warehouse is Acorn, because I have lived in Sevenoaks for many years and from little acorns mighty oaks grow.


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