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Rupert Easter who worked at Brymitre and is MD/CEO at Gas Compressors Ltd, UK sent this message

Terry Summers worked for me for a while, but then suddenly left without notice and I have not seen him since.
Kevin Goodwin worked for me for a short time. I believe he has now moved from Tonbridge to Essex due to work. Gary Buss works for me now. I see various others around occasionally, such as Ian Laker and Dennis Deacon. I suggest you junk your old page, and do a Facebook page. You'll find that it takes on a life of its own

I have not junked this page yet as it is a good source of information but have set up a Facebook group where you can contact old workmates, just click link below and join the group




I'm ancient so how many old hands are still alive?

In the 1980’S this company was situated In Fenpond Road Ightham and made Vinyl covered chipboard cabinets for the Hi Fi and Television trade for people like Bose, Waltham and Amstrad. It enjoyed amazing growth where year on year it frequently doubled in size. An average of ten thousand speaker boxes per day were produced and they often struggled to keep up with the volume of sawdust produced.  It had a big machine shop, a laminator shop, packing bay, massive storage for the chipboard and extensive office space. They employed over 200 staff and always seemed to have a happy atmosphere.


Since I have left the old firm I have met many former Brymitre personnel, hence this page was created. Sadly in the late 80’s the company closed and the site is now a housing estate. Should anyone have photos of the old place or any information on old employees please contact me  or join the Facebook group and I will add the information to this site.


This page has been redundant for years and used to be on another website so much of this information could be out of date.

Carol     Works Study, lived in farmhouse next to factory entrance

Fran     Likes sitting on her front garden wall and watching people people walk past (That's how she met me). She still likes cold baked bean sandwiches.

Karen    Still a lively as ever, her two children have grown up and she enjoys life to the full.

Jeff    Works study

Maxine    Worked in accounts, moved to Sevenoaks and got a job in the Sony Centre shop.

Nancy    Worked in sales and lived in Wrotham.

Ricky    Was engaged to Caroline John Wilson's assistant.

Sandra    (Sandy) was working in the Taxi office Borough Green station.

Sandy    Looked after incinerator; I had delivered milk to him in Kemsing before I worked here

Tony    Works study

Arrow    Helen    Helen Arrow (now Goodwin) as she married the accountant from Brymitre. She has 2 children and lives in West Malling.

Ashton    Ray    A true craftsman and was making some wonderful oak furniture with Tudor Oak, tried his hand at working with Dave Sutton at Westerham heights joinery but it did not appeal to him.

Barnes    Bruce    Was health and safety officer for the Post Office

Blunderfield    Charles    Buyer.

Buss    Sian    Was working  at Seal Chart making kitchens he is now a granddad

Brigden    Ian    Last heard off working as a manufacturing agent and still lives near Crowborough

Church   Michelle  who lived in the Trent Road area Tonbridge has someone who would love to talk to her again about old times if she joins the Facebook Group

Daniels    Richard    Financial Director

Denton   Joyce    Played Bingo at Maidstone but has never been known to win ...Julie and Debs have won lots

Dicker    Albert    Well known for wearing his trousers up round his armpits. Retired and lives in Southend


Dochery    Dave    Married with 3 kids and , lives in Kemsing and has an electrical contractor business

Easter   Rupert     Now MD/CEO at Gas Compressors Ltd and can be contacted on the Facebook Group

Fahy    Chris    Benenden School Teacher Technician

Fahy    Vera    Married Chris Fahy brother and has a daughter. She runs a kiddies nursery in Tonbridge.

Faulkes    Stan    A very experienced engineer with a wicked sense of humour, sadly passed away

Feaks    Gordon    Is now a builder

Fenton    Mick    Retired, not interested in joining the Facebook group but I talk to him occasionally on the phone

Goodwin    Kevin    Married his childhood sweetheart, have a little girl and live next door to a pub in Tonbridge

Goldfinch  John    Technical Manager

Goldsmith    Julie    Divorced Mick and has two teenage kids Emma and Claire and works at Enerlon as works coordinator (Posh job)

Goldsmith    Debbs    Is now Debbs Straeche, has two kids.

Gray    Sid     Married with two kids

Gregory    Eddie    Better known as Eddie Bubble, engineering manager. I once saw him trying to cut down an Allen key (hardened steel) with a hack saw

Healey    Mick    Had the misfortune of working with Mick Fenton after leaving Brymitre

Healey    Roger   Was sales and marketing Director.

Herrington    Steve    Worked in warehouse, has sadly died, worked with John Wilson's ex wife at British Sailkraft in Strood. Keen badminton player.

Herrington    Ian    Became the buyer after Charles Blunderfield


Hobbs    Peter    Been married over 14 years and has 3 children , Lewis, Rianne, and Jake and lives in Barming with wife Sally.


Hourigan    Julie & Steve    Julie Radmore married Steve Hourigan, have 2 sons Matthew & Ashley.  They emigrated to South Africa 1991 relocated to Lesotho 1997, relocated to Swaziland 2001 Steve is general manager in the largest furniture factory in the country. They are now living back in South Africa, Nelspruit, 30 miles from Kruger national park. Julie owns her own business, and does the administration and accounts.

Hurdle  Sonia   Packing bay chargehand and first aid girl has now sadly passed

Hurdle Jackie    Sonia's daughter

Jackson  Richard  married Sharron who worked there  ....  Dave Sutton is trying to track him down as he was Godfather to his son and his son is in need of some godfatherly advice :)

Johns   Francis    Worked on the Lehbrinks and can be contacted on the Facebook Group

Kavanagh    Neil    A  Brymitre success story as he has his own recording studio 

Kilpatric     Jimmy    Very sad news. He was knocked down in Borough Green High Street and suffered head injuries and died in hospital. He will be sadly missed .


Kneller    Lee    Draughtsman


Lee-Amies    Bob    The man who trained me on "the line" Chatted to him in Borough Green and he looks as fit as a fiddle. He is retired and still lives in Ightham


Lee-Amies    Richard    I saw him in Ightham church looking after the grounds, has not changed a bit.


Lidlow    Nancy    Sales


Martin    Sheila    Bill Rae's secretary


Mellish    Marion    Sales

McFarland   Gordon   Accountant, lived in Ightham


Milton    Jean    Last heard off living in sheltered accommodation


Moon    Jess    Retired but still fit and healthy at a ripe old age of 93 (posted this aug 2020)

Osborne Ted   Not sure if I have spelt the surname correctly but we became very good friends at the time and in the years afterwards whenever I built a staircase (I was a joiner) I used to think of Ted and how his attempt to build a new staircase his the cellar turned out.


Plevin    Malcome    Retired

Pointer   Bill    Skilled craftsman in charge of the pattern and jig making shop, sadly passed away.


Rae    Bill   The main man and MD .. was there from 73 until 86 and got fired because he refused to put the new Chairman’s number plate on the wall!  Now Chairman of a P.P.E. business in south Manchester.


Randell    Barbara   Retired and can make a really special cake. I occasionally get treated. Visits me every so often


Randell    Jackie    Married with kids


Ripton    Brian    Went to Regent furniture as MD  but is now retired and lives in Norfolk    Sent him an email years ago but no reply yet as I understand he has a dislike of new technology

Roots Dave    Was electrician and also had his wife working there, liked his CB radio


Ryder    Tony    Has two kids and lives in East Peckham


Salt    Colin    Has his own pest control business


Salt    Ken    Works in the partitioning business, has two sons and lives in Leybourne


Santa    Kevin    Works for a fabrication business in Dartford.


Scawn    Ray  Employed on the selling front.  Furniture fittings and precision locking devices.


Sexton    Pete    Seems to be a bit of a "wandering minstrel" I applied for a job with a company in East

Grinstead many years ago and I was told that he had just left (I did not get the job) Ray Ashton told me he also left Tudor Oak. Pete is obviously a believer in variety is the spice of life.


Shepherd     Chris    Retired and not in the best of health, I have seen him in Hospital on a couple of occasions


Shepheard    Dave    Works at Rugby Cement as a foreman fitter


Smart    Loretta    Now lives in Bedlinog in Wales and has two daughters Charlotte.and Melissa. She has bought a house and is renovating it.


Summers    Terry    Last time I saw him he was a van delivery driver and has grown up children


Sutton  Dave    Was the machine setter. Retired. Former Graphic Artist and IT manager Used to work for Hyders. he can be contacted on the Facebook Group


Sutton    Ricky    Dave Sutton’s son    Worked as a labourer at the sweet age of 16 is now a millionaire Chief Executive officer of an online business and has branches all over the world.


Syrett    Mick    Still looks 30 years old, has been landlord of pub, worked in music industry,  has a 2 teenage daughters Georgia and Nancy and a son who is boxing at a good standard. He can be contacted on the Facebook Group


Theobald    Mike     Taught me everything, was a service engineer with Dawsons, he has traveled the world with them. He has two grown up sons, one is a farrier and one is a BT engineer. Sadly passed away 2008


Watson    Barbara    Purchasing assistant to Charles Blunderfield


Wilson    John    Draughtsman and then manufacturing manager now has a consulting business


Wise    Ken    Caught his jumper in a machine cutter and was lucky not to have lost his arm, I have it on good authority that he can still lift a pint .

Wise   Heather    Ken's wife, he used to serenade her with the song "For heather and heather and heather you'll be the one"



No longer with us


Sadly Eddie Duncan, Roy Emms, Mick Cooper, Dennis Blackburn, Mick Theobald, Bill Pointer, Steve Herrington, Jimmy Kilpatric, Stan Faulkes, Sonia Hurdle and Richard Chapman have died.


Does Hank the tall American still pilot a router (or patch his jeans with the caravan's curtains)

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