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Teddy Bears and Pandas

3D Animated Teddy Bear and Panda gifs

I modelled the Teddy bear on a small Teddy that my friends daughter gave me. He still sits on my printer in my study. The Panda was inspired by a Google algorithm update that went by that name that virtually removed my old website from search results

Teddy bears and Pandas getting up to all sorts of things

Have a look the Teddy bear with guitar sitting on a notice board that you can add your own text to. He is with a selection of animations that can upgraded with your own text using an online image editor
It can be found here.


In my collection of animated teddies you will always find the trouble makers. These characters do not want to eat honey, play a guitar or do anything that a sweet teddy bear should do but would rather dress up as a milkman and show everyone his gold top (Channel Island milk). Was the inspiration for this animated gif due to the fact that I was a milkman many years ago.

The moped animation is based on the one I drive around the village, people always recognise me because I wear my leather flying helmet that I won at auction from eBay, take a look at the about page and you will see me in all my glory

I am not sure but I think with so much black and white in the Panda animations it seems to cut down on the file size, if this is the case it is no bad thing as many gif animations you find on the internet these days can be a colossal size and I have done my best to optimise all my animations without too loss of image quality or pixelation.

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