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3D Tropical Fish animated gifs

I used to have a tropical fish tank and was very familiar with all these fish, sadly all I have now are animated fish like this but at least I do not have to clean their tank out

3D Angel fish animated gif

Angel Fish

Guppy 3D animated gif
3D animated neon tetra tropical fish


Neon Tetra

Clown fish tropical fish animated gif

Clown Fish

Zebra fish 3D tropical fish gif animation

Zebra Fish

tiger-barb 3d gif animation

Tiger Barb

Gnome fishing in toilet
dancing angel fish gif animation
swimming clown fish animation
guppy swimming in a circle animated gif
angel fish gif animation
Tropical fish aquarium animation
Animated tropical fish aquarium

These 3D fish animations have a transparent background and they will work best planted onto a light coloured backing.
Many years ago I had several tropical fish 
aquariums and successfully bred several species, guppies and mollies mainly, the live bearers, it was an introduction to reproduction for my young kids in those days. Sadly the only fish I have now are these digital ones which I made many years ago but they are still alive and swimming on this web page.

I just had to include the gnome sitting on the sink and fishing in the toilet, he seems to have caught a tiger barb. This animated gif has been spotted in all different places on the internet but this version is just a little larger and better than my previous one

In Flash it was easy to make the fish glide across the screen without too much memory loss, something that is not easy to achieve with an animated gif. I understand that it is possible to write scripts into web pages that will actually move a gif animation across the screen, I have no idea how to do this but I'm sure the technique would produce spectacular effects with my animated fish. The animated aquariums shows what can be achieved using the 3D models I have created.

A few years back It was my Flash animated aquariums that attracted the attention of "Wallop" a Flash orientated social networking site that was started by Microsoft and I became one of their “mods” displaying and selling some of my Flash animated tropical fish aquarium animations. Wallop ended up the way that Google+ went… down the pan.

Who needs an aquarium if you have my 3D fish animated gifs

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