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A collection of sport animated gifs - mainly football

This is the best selection of many sport animated gifs I have made over the years. it does not mean that I will not be adding more as time goes by because I probably have others that could be improved

Football is not a matter of life or death...It's more important than that

This is just a small proportion of the many sports animated gifs I have made. At one time I had many English football club animations that incorporated their logos, it was years ago when I first started making the old website that had hundreds of very small animations on it and I was a little naïve regarding copyright issues until I got an email from a very big football club’s lawyers informing me they would sue the pants off me unless I took a particular sad little animation down. At this point I decided it was wise to remove all the football animations that used a club logo.

My interest is English football or soccer as the US may call it and the animations here probably reflect that, but I have also made animations for other sports and have enlarged and improved on the small ones I originally made. American football has a couple of animations but when I looked at the source files for some of my rugby animated gifs they did not take nicely to be enlarged and pixelated rather badly so I will have to go back to the drawing board before any rugby animations will be included here.

The cricket and tennis ones amused me when I was improving them, they look so much better in a larger size and I can vaguely remember the hard work that went into creating them only to end up with a tiddly little animation that really did not do them any credit. Years ago when I created them I used to dream about an internet with nice fast speeds that could cope with large animated gifs but all we had then were 56k modems that you could only use when the telephone was not in use.

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