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Free 3D cat and kitten gif animations

Some sad person has put kittens down the Loo and who needs a dog when you have a cat, especially if it's like Felix.
The Siamese cat is staring us out, a cat has a butterfly on its nose and it's all driving my little kitten potty

Animated kittens and cats are a necessity on this website

How could I not add some cat and kitten animations to this new website, I love cats because they are very independent and will only show affection when THEY want to. Over the time I was on Google+ I had made many cat and kitten animated gifs for Caturday and I must admit I’m sad to see the demise of that particular social network, but I suppose the benefit (or misfortune) for you is that I have combined all my 3D animations on a website.


With the closure of Google+ I was not sure where to move to, WeMe did not appeal and I had a few problems with porn popping up when least expected and I’m not a lover of Facebook so I moved to Pluspora, it has a really nice crowd of Gplus refugees there and should you want to join me I'm sure that my friends there would be only too happy to interact with you.

Some of my cat and kitten gif animations here have not used 3D modelling software but have been created by photo editing.It is also possible to import photographs into my modelling and rendering software and it can give some very good results, the lighted candle animation is an example, I love to experiment and it keeps my mind active especially during the Winter time when I cannot sit in the sunshine sipping my ouzo and ice

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