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I have been on Pinterest for a few months now and found it to be good platform to display some of my larger animated gifs. I have displayed just a couple here but you can see more and even follow me on this link https://www.pinterest.co.uk/3Dgifartist/

If you have some respectable pins I will definitely follow back

Follow me and I will follow you

I decided to join Pinterest, my profile is here , it seems a good way to let people know about my selection of free animated gifs and I’m told it can help promote your website. Things are progressing very slowly, I have many animated gifs suitable for Pinterest and have modified and posted them but I have noticed that many members are more interested in collecting pins (photographs, graphics and animated gifs) rather than following some one back. I'm a great believer that if someone follows me and they have a respectable profile with some interesting pins it is only a matter of common courtesy to follow them back


Pinterest state that any images should be portrait mode with a 2 to 3 aspect ratio and some of my animated gifs follow that guideline but the majority are 400 x 400 pixels, a generous size for an animated gif. This website, other than this page, displays gif animations with a transparent background and I have posted some on Pinterest so there is nothing to stop the competent gif artist from creating another animation by planting my gif onto another image and even using several of these animations at one time but you will find most of my work on Pinterest "solid" images like the ones displayed here

I have no problem with you downloading and using anything from this website on Pinterest but please respect the convention and put this website URL into the destination link box

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