Not the best platform to host animated gifs

I have been on Pinterest for some time now, it had been difficult to get noticed but eventually I built up a nice following. When an animated gif is displayed in any of the feeds it does not animate so I learned to make the first frame the most interesting one. Pinterest has not really been formulated with gif animations in mind, if you try to schedule a pin posting it decides not to animate it and I have seen problems with display of gif animations with a transparent background where one frame will display over another when using the Pinterest app.

The good thing about Pinterest is that I get some of my pins indexed by the search engines and given good placement which is always good news. I have also set up a Bing page which automatically uploads the latest pins and displays them.

Pinterest is not the place to go and have any sort of social discussion, it's more about collecting interesting images and videos but I have met some very interesting people there and have not encountered any animosity as I have on Twitter or Facebook.

Because Pinterest uses a lot of videos it has sparked an interest in creating videos using many of the animations featured here, I have posted a couple there but also created a YouTube channel to experiment on.