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Animated gifs for Pinterest

I have been experimenting with Pinterest and adding some animated gifs that I have created including the selection that have been placed on this page.

Have I done the right thing?

I decided to join Pinterest, my profile is here , it seems a good way to let people know about my selection of free animated gifs and I’m told it can help promote your website. Things are progressing very slowly, I have many animated gifs suitable for Pinterest and have posted them and given a link back to this website but getting my work seen is not an easy job. You can follow people with similar interests but that is no guarantee that people will follow back but that is the norm with other social media websites as well.

Pinterest state that any images should be portrait mode with a 2 to 3 aspect ratio so the animations on this page have been made to that ratio and any I post range from portrait to square. As with most of my gif animations I have made them with a transparent background so there is nothing to stop the competent gif artist from creating another animation by planting my gif onto another image and even using several of these animations at one time.

I have posted several animated butterflies with transparency on Pinterest and these can liven up any webpage or can be planted on images of flowers or even cats or kittens as I have done to make an interesting gif animation.

I have no problem with you downloading and using anything from this website on Pinterest but please respect the convention and put this website URL into the destination link box