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A selection of different 3D animated food goodies

Most of the food animations are of things that I really like, the cheese is the exception. My favourite is egg bacon and sausage, a good old fashioned English breakfast

Free 3D animated food for everyone

Simple but effective animated food made using a simple 3D model and then placing a food texture over it to give it life and realism. With a little experimentation I have made some mouth-watering food animations.

My wife and I both have a tendency to put on weight easily, probably like a lot of my visitors and the food animations here are some of the most fattening foods available. I will do just about anything for a nice fresh donut and much prefer white bread to brown but sadly I have to eat just brown bread.

My friend Toulla in Cyprus makes the most fantastic banana cakes and on my visits to the Island of Love my waistlines seem to increase. Just imagine egg bacon and sausage what a wonderful meal, I would eat it every day and probably would if my wife Dot was not about. Why is it that all the best tasting food is never any good for you?  I do try to eat healthily and have lots of fresh vegetable, fruit and very little fatty food or fried stuff but when on holiday I do over indulge a little at times and then come home only to go on a diet until my clothes fit nicely again

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