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Dr Who

Free 3D Dr Who animated gifs

If you are familiar with "Exterminate Exterminate" or "You will be upgraded" and you know what T A R D I S stands for this could be the page for you. Just a few 3D Dr Who animated gifs for the Gallifrey fans.

Dr Wo has been running since I was boy

dalek animated gif

The animated Daleks were created in Silverscreen and took many hours to make but I had fun with the finished results. Because I'm a fan of the Daleks you will find that I have used them on many of my other animations, even using one for a Happy New Year animation

These Dr Who animations come from a very old Dr Who fan who can remember the first episodes broadcast in black and white, special effects have come a long way since then and the CGI is brilliant.

I have watched Dr Who from a very early age when William Hartnell played Dr Who. Just who was the best doctor? So many people have different opinions but I think that making the Doctor female was a mistake . Long live Dr Who and may he/she regenerate often, hopefully next time as a man.

I can remember when these police were in use and not as a Tardis.

Tardis stands for Time and relative dimensions in space. Used by Dr Who and constructed by the time lords as a time and space travelling machine. It was stolen from the Time Lords on the planet Gallifrey and has been locked in the shape of a police box. Originally it would change shape to suit its surroundings. I would love one of these old fashioned police boxes in my garden, together with a red telephone box.

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