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Free 3D Happy Diwali gif animations

A few nice Happy Diwali animations but why oh why put a message on the side of a soft drink can? Send an animated message to all your firiends at this happy time of year.

diwali-cards and fireworks
Happy Diwali animation with lighted diya
Happy Diwali 3D animated gif
Lakshmi 3D animated gif
Animated Indian butterfly

Click butterfly to to see more national ones

Animated Diwali playing cards
Happy Diwali animated cube with message

Diwali, a big Hindu festival also known as the festival of light.

The festival of Light. Victory of good over evil and a good excuse to make some lively animations.

Because I have many Indian visitors and also have a few good Indian friends including an Indian next door neighbour, one of the best I ever had who would make wonderful Indian meals that were nothing like the ones you can get from Indian take-aways I decided to make these Diwali animations.


I was always very impressed with the family structure of my friend and how the older people held so much respect and how the children were really encouraged to get a good education, sadly my old friend has passed away, I learned a lot from him.

In this case I really enjoyed making these because they have a lot of bright colours and just look very festive and happy, perhaps like Christmas. The animated candle light reflecting on the Happy Diwali text looks very good and I am well pleased with it. When I see these animations in use on other web pages and blogs I get a real buzz to know that my work is appreciated, but they can of course be put to use in email messages and on social media etc.

Many diyas or lamps are alight at Diwali time to celebrate the victory of good over evil in every person. Fireworks are always seen everywhere and playing cards are very popular on Diwali day as the Goddess of wealth will bless the players. I hope the Goddess of wealth blesses all my visitors. Happy Diwali.

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