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Free 3D Chocolate animated gifs

A web page about one of the favourite things in my life. If I'm feeling down or unhappy a little piece of chocolate can make me feel so much better but I never over indulge 

What we need is a never ending chocolate bar

I have a serious weakness in that I love Chocolate, any chocolate, White chocolate, plain Chocolate, Belgium Chocolate and especially any of the selection in the animations above. The big problem is that I try to watch my weight but the temptation to have a nibble on a chocolate bar is just too much sometimes.  I do not drink coffee but put it into a soft centre of a chocolate and I will gobble it up with obvious delight.

I also love ice cream and combine it with chocolate and I’m in heaven. Haagen Dazs make some of the best chocolate ice cream and the one that combines Belgium chocolate is fantastic. Then there is the old favourite, a “99” ice cream cone with a Cadbury flake (or two) stuck into it.

My latest delight is the new Cadbury Darkmilk chocolate, I have even made an animated gif of it, it is neither a plain chocolate or milk and I suspect it is not to everyone’s taste because it is always selling at a reduced price in the supermarket that I use.

Because I’m a generous sort of person I’m giving out a virtual cube of chocolate to every visitor here, the never ending bar of chocolate, and that really took some real magic to construct is working overtime breaking pieces of chocolate off for anyone that wants a piece or two.

I'm quite surprised just how many chocolate animations I have actually made, it's probably because of too much time spent on social networks where I have found posting an animation can attract more attention to a post. The obvious attention grabber is anything to do with kittens or cats but chocolate, even if it is "virtual" works quite well.

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