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3D animated bird gifs

A few bird animated gifs that I have made over the years, the robin on the holly would make a nice Christmas decoration or could even be modified, have text added and sent as a Christmas greetings message

Animated Christmas robin. Robin sitting in the holly

One strange looking Kingfisher

Animated birds, now this sort of thing really is a challenge as the CAD software I use is really for architectural use. It is brilliant for making things like buses or furniture but to create something like an animated bird is really pushing the software and the artist to their limits. I think it actually shows because you tend to get very sharp outlines and not the soft curves that you may get in other 3D modelling software but these images are just about presentable. The Kingfisher was one of my first attempts at making animated birds and he turned out to be a very strange looking character but he actually makes me laugh as he reminds me more of a cartoon which was not the original idea.

This is one instance where my smaller versions of the animations probably looked better but there is absolutely no reason you why cannot diminish the size of any of my animations.

Years ago I had attempted making a close-up video recording of a robin in my garden and converting it into an animated gif, it was a long winded procedure then but with online video editors it is something that is very easy to do now so it is something I will not display on this site. I may display some morphing animations that morph one photo into another but there is a lot more to do here before I consider that


Of course the inspiration for the black bird pie was “Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie”.

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