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Free 3D animated tool gifs

A collection off animated tool gifs that may be handy for a carpentry, woodworking, building, do it yourself  or even a gardening web site or blog

These animated tools may be of use to someone

A few animated tool gifs that I have made over the past few years. I used to be a wood machinist and joiner so I have used some of these tools but as they are hand tools it was never really my forte. Maybe I should create some wood machining animations but I don’t think there would be much demand for them. To be honest I do not think the tools I have made here will be that popular. They are not like pretty butterflies or animated teddy bears and the usability of them must be very limited but that said I did enjoy creating them in my 3D software. Someone may find a use for them on a woodworking or gardening blog.

It was not until I retired that I started using gardening tools and even then it tends to be the lawn mower or an electric hedge trimmer to prune the roses as I leave the weeding and planting to my adorable wife Dot. A nice garden is essential in retirement though and I can think of nothing better than to sit in a nice garden, Ouzo and Ice in my hand and enjoy the sunshine.

We do have a nice little vegetable plot where we grow runner beans, peas, sweetcorn and spuds but only on a very small scale and the peas are eaten raw before they even have a chance to enter the cooking pot.

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