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3D animated Nun gifs

Some animated Nuns, including the Blue Nun, The Singing Nun, The Holy Nun, The Gun Nun, The Flying Nun. Help me if you can Nun, and I ain't got Nun

What is a penguin doing here?

A very good friend from Google plus suggested I should make some animated nuns. It took me a couple of days work to produce these gifs and as you can see they are totally original and you will not find anything else like this on the internet unless someone has copied them and put them into another online collection of gifs.

They may not be the most attractive nuns available and it has been suggested that they look like the Goon from the Popeye cartoons.

Mention nun and ask someone for a funny remark and "I ain't got nun" is often the reply, that and a lot of nun jokes that I could not possibly repeat here. The same nun 3D model has been used for each animated gif on this page, I have simply added extras like guns, guitar, Bible and wine glasses and animated the head, arm and legs in a different fashion. A nice little collection if you are looking for something like this which I somehow doubt but believe me I enjoyed making them.

The Penguin looks a little like a nun so I used him to fill in a space, he could disappear at a later date should another version of my nuns decide to make an appearance.

I'm not sure if any religious communities would want to use any of these but I would not be offended if you did. "Have fun with my nuns"

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