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Chinese Zodiac animations - birth signs

I have not gone into detail explaining what Chinese zodiac sign you are and what your personalities are as every other web site about this will give you the information. This page has been created to display some animations that I created and I have made them in the traditional style. I like to do things a little differently to everyone else. Each zodiac animation is a very small file size so can be displayed without waiting some time for it to download. In fact I have made a single animation which has been larger than this whole page combined. As with a lot of my animations the background is transparent and they work well when planted into a light coloured web page.

The Chinese zodiac is not unlike our European zodiac that has time cycles in 12 parts. The twelve part cycle for the Chinese zodiac is years and not months like ours. The zodiac signs as illustrated here are Dog, Boar, ox, horse, tiger, monkey, dragon, rooster, goat, rabbit, snake and rat. I'm a Dog and my wife Dot is a Snake, not sure if we are supposed to get on together but we have been together over 40 years and still fight like a cat and dog

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