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3D Animated fruit gifs

A collection of fruit animations, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but just what does a virtual apple like the one on this page do? You may have a use for these hand made animated gifs

Some fruity animations for you 

Just a few fruit animations at the moment, it’s never been something I really had a use for or wanted to make but over the years I found it necessary to create this collection.


As a young man I bought my first car from the money earned from apple picking, not an easy job but very enjoyable, often at the top of a ladder with a heavy bag on your back in late Summer early Autumn. I used to pick a lot of Russets, an apple that was heavy and my bag would feel like a sack of spuds but it certainly kept me fit.

I’m a regular visitor to Cyprus and to see oranges and lemons in such abundance seems very strange, they grow in gardens and at harvest time it is not unusual to see hundreds of them laying in the gutter. The only place you will see them in the UK is in the greengrocers and they are not exactly cheap either.

Where I live in Sevenoaks Kent there is no shortage of Cherries or Strawberries and there is an abundance of them in early Summer. Strawberries grow freely in my garden and once you plant one it is only a matter of time before you have hundreds as they shoot out little runners with new baby plants on. I tried strawberry picking to earn money for one day, it is a back breaking job and you were picking at ground level so I stuck to the job I liked which was apple was picking.

You will find I have used the bananas in several different animations on this website, some are a little cheeky particularly the monkey with two of them

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