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Happy Birthday

Free 3D Happy Birthday animated gifs

Cheer someone up with a Happy Birthday animation, you can send them balloons, a romantic red rose, a birthday cake or even sing them a Teddy song but make sure they do not get too many happy returns

Wish someone a Happy Birthday with my 3D gif animations

They have always been a favourite, I used to display these Birthday animations on Google plus but have now transferred the best ones to this website. Every so often I will add or swap an animation as I’m constantly creating other models and animated gifs. If you have a suggestion for an animated Happy Birthday animation you can always send me a message via the contact form and I will have a good look through all my previous work to see if I can help

You can wish one of your friends a Happy Birthday with one of these animated gif by downloading it and then posting it into an email, message or onto a Social networking site, it even works on a mobile phone. Facebook now make it easy to post an animation directly into one of your messages so no need to post it into an image hosting site and then linking to it

I know that I only have six animations here at the moment but this site is brand new and although I have the source files for when I made them as smaller animated gifs it will takes time to upgrade and create new better versions but I do have a little time on my hands