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3D Message Animated gifs

Including Get well soon, do not drink and drive, thank you for adding me, good luck, where are you and happy anniversary

You can copy my content, the copyright badge is  for other people

I have selected a few gif animations that I have made that are a message of some kind from a simple warning to things like "Do not smoke" or "Get well soon". They all have a transparent background. You will notice that some of my 3D models are used more than once and often viewed from a different angle and even in different colours, this is the beauty of 3D modelling and rendering. As with most of this site I will be adding more animations but for one man it is a major job and one that will keep me busy during the cold dark days of Winter


Over the years I have made all sorts of message animations from "Congratulations" to "Thank You". They were all small ones, really made for a 56k modem so I need to spend a little time improving them but slowly I am starting to get a collection of better quality animated gifs which reflect all the hours I have put in creating them. I never thought that I would be involved with animations but it has just sort of grown on me and I enjoy creating things on the computer which actually move. I often think back to my younger days when I used to make flip book animations by creating simple stick people scribbled onto the corner of any book I could find.
I used to be draughtsman using pen and ink but as that profession became redundant because of CAD I made the move into digital drawing and to my delight discovered that I could make animations as well,spending lunch breaks at work experimenting with the software.

If the message you need is not here, please contact me and I will see if I have any suitable 3D models in my collection to make the message you need.


The sad inspiration for the panda was the Google Panda update to their search engine algorithm. 

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